1. This organization was established in order to be the center of commercial business and investment for those 10 asian member countries. We promote and support all related business of our members in term of service, trading and investment.

2. To research and integrate the advantage business data with Asian countries and the other continents in order to get the most benefit for trading opportunities and business investment.

3. To be the powerful business group by planning the strong and advantage strategies of commercial business and trading investment for our members. Moreover, we interested not only in economic crops, cattle, fishery but also in service business such as tourism, transportation, education, culture, fashion and quarry.

4. Supporting and responding to ASEAN government's policies especially in term of commercial business and financial investment in order to get the most benefit among our all parties and members.

5. Supporting and creating new generation of skilled business person. However, we would like to improve and develop all potential productivity in order to compete with the general competitors.

6. To stimulate the people's conscience in term of social responsibility and the environment of the world. Maximum profitable business is not most important results for our group but we still aware of responsibility for the environment and social.

7. To distribute the economic stability and income for salary business persons, organizations, private companies and the other under development countries. We intend to support each other and go forward together.

8. To promote and support all research and development of production technology and business innovation in order to be the efficient business leaders at the international level.

9. To inherit the idea of business and investment practices of Muhammad (Sor Lor), the leaders of our religious for about 1,400 years ago, which involved the cattle, agriculture and general trading between city and government or country level in order to raise humanity to be a "provider" as mentioned in above provision.

10. Refer to the provisions of the Quran that mention about economics's guidance, we deeply study and perform for getting the most useful, advantage and efficient benefit and achievement among humankind.