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World Halal Corporation Co.,Ltd.

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World Halal Corporation Co.,Ltd.

        World Halal Corporation Limited and our group company are the Group to aim of investment and trade in the framework of Islam. To support trade and investment process that is halal, and torespond to Muslim consumer groups around the world, around 1,700 million approximately.
       The company created a website which is involved in buying and selling halal products and introduce halal services such as restaurants, hotels and etc. Which is not the main taboos of Islam regulation. So website’s user can trading or searching for services without any worries
about "halal".
       The company plans to make up the halal industry. This settlement is the first industry which use 100% of WHM Program system. This is an innovation, first of the world. Considered a breakthrough for business and industry. To Response Muslims consumer and general consumer around the world.

       The company has a clear strategy and goal to be the leader on trade and investment that ishalal internationally, and fostering action on Zakat.


Company Information

World Halal Corporation provides a company affiliated to the policies of the company and to achieve company’s goal:
1. World Halal Products Co., Ltd.
2. World Halal Marketing Co., Ltd.
3. World Halal Industry Co., Ltd.
4. World Halal Mart Co., Ltd.
World Halal Corporation and its affiliates has been honored with a permanent Special Class
Member from ASEAN Muslim Chamber of Commerce (AMCC) and Halal International
Management Institute (HIM) for the company to earned the trustworthiness of customers as well.


Company Organization Chart

Role and Responsibility of each company

World Halal Corporation Co., Ltd.

Managed by a management structure to encourage business developmentgrowth. To achieve the company's objectives and It is responsible for the following:
1. Eligible to manage of the website and From the headquarters in United Arab Emirates (UAE) to focus on trading of HALAL products worldwide, including to provide information of Halal services such as tourism, hotels, restaurants and etc. To support the trading of Halal goods and services for consumers around the world, especially in Muslim countries


2. Establish Global Halal Management Institute under the program from Halal International. Management Institute (HIM). Headquarters located in United Arab Emirates (UAE) to produce a students to support halal departments in each factory. To create company trustworthiness and reassure to customers. That the entity that has the procedure management of raw materials processed into productsas well as packing and shipping with the requirement of Halal Certificate of each countries and to meet the requirements of the Islam regulation.


3. Certify under World Halal Management Program (WHM Program) to products and services. All the companies who join WHM Program can ensuring to the buyer and all parties concerned. That the goods or services received World Halal Management (WHM Program) is a products or services had been through process monitoring and guarding
of the procedure Halal Certificate for the production of each country, which according to Islamic regulation correctly.